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Nankang CW-20 116S TL SEN SUM


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Vörunúmer: 44 215/75R16 CS NCW2


The Nankang CW-20 is a commercial van tyre which is well suited to every day driving whether up and down the motorways in your Sprinter or around town in your Transit, the CW-20 is the commercial tyre of choice offering ride comfort and optimum grip without breaking the bank.
Four-straight grooves ensure driving safety on wet ground. Sipes on the bottom of shoulder grooves keep tread soft and riding comfort in terminal wearing stage.
Shoulder rigidity enhancement prevents from irregularly wearing and is suitable for long distance driving.
Optimal lateral groove reduces the noise generated from air consonance and increases riding comfort.

Size 215-75-16
Gerð Sumar Sendibíladekk
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